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Over 30 Years of Working to Perfect the Art of Adventure Travel!

What is the Art of Adventure Travel?

Each place in the world has its own rhythms, flavor, and magic. Clearly, some places have more magic than others. And a few places seem to have gotten the lion’s share, especially in terms of the landscapes and the people who inhabit them. The trips on this site are journeys in some of these most magical of places, from treks in Patagonia and the Himalaya, to tiger safaris in India, and cultural tours throughout Bhutan, Nepal and India.

In the last 33 years we’ve worked to understand the rhythms and secrets of these corners of the world and we enjoy helping you do the same. We like to share the parts of the world, people and experiences that have pushed us to believe in the Art of Adventure Travel. We’ve been refining this type of travel since 1982, and would love to share the journey with you this year.

We specialize in custom journeys, handcrafted with your dreams in mind. Check out our Custom Shop and be in touch - we're more than happy to put together an itinerary proposal just for you!

A Nepal Update

It’s been more than a month since the “Great Quake” that struck Nepal leaving roughly 9,000 dead and far more injured and homeless.  Since the initial quake there have been almost 300 aftershocks and a second earthquake, all furthering the damage and destruction but also delaying the distribution of relief materials and the process of rebuilding. 

As the days press by and the monsoon threatens to open the skies to rain while the temperatures rise, Nepal is stuck dealing with the ground still shaking and an utter lack of ability to rebuild currently.  

Most of our friends, partners and staff have lost a great deal; however, during our frequent conversations with them they share that they have spent most of the weeks directly after the earthquake helping their community, friends and strangers.  We hear stories of hope, generosity and giving through the fear, sadness and exhaustion - and to us - that is what the people of Nepal have to teach the world.  

We owe Nepal, our family, friends, partners and beloved staff a debt for the many times they taught us to look at the world differently, to share more kindness and to live mindfully. And in this, their time of need, we pledge to stand up and take care of the many that have done so much to take care of us. 

Please do consider donating to the fund we’ve set up for the recovery of friends, family and beloved staff in Nepal. 100% of the donations will be distributed directly to them in the form of rebuilding materials, goods, food and educational payments. It will take time, patience and support to recover, and we hope you will stand with us as commit ourselves to being there to offer a helping hand in any and all ways we can.