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Over 30 Years of Working to Perfect the Art of Adventure Travel!

Each place in the world has its own rhythms, flavor, and magic.  Clearly, some places have more magic than others.  And a few places seem to have gotten the lion’s share, especially in terms of the landscapes and the people who inhabit them.  The trips on this site are journeys in some of these most magical of places, from treks in Patagonia and the Himalaya, to tiger safaris in India, and cultural tours throughout Bhutan, Nepal and India.  We’ve been refining the art of adventure travel since 1982, and would love to share the journey with you this year.

Exploring Places of Refuge

As the world becomes ever more populated, urbanized, and homogenized, places of refuge become rarer and more cherished than ever before.  Most of these refuges are places not yet or not easily penetrated by roads—mountains, jungles, and deserts, the same places that have drawn sages, adventurers, and explorers since time immemorial.

In such places, at least until recently, the indigenous cultures have managed to preserve their traditions relatively intact, without major impact from the outside world.  These are the places we’ve been introducing our travelers to for over three decades, and this is your invitation to join us on the road to adventure this year.  

A 2014 Heli-Trekking Special Departure:

West Face of Ama Dablam

    This heli-trekking adventure co-led by ATC founder, Steve Conlon and Everest Sumitter (and Everest Legacy), Jamling Tenzing, will take you trekking through the Khumbu, up to and above the gate way of Mt. Everest to the rarely traveled Ama Dablam base camp.  November is the ideal time for views, and you'll get them both while trekking but none will rival the views from the helicopter exit after the trek! It is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime! 

Interested? Check out the trip page, request the full itinerary, read Jamling's blog or feel free to be in touch with any questions that we can be helpful with!