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Over 30 Years of Working to Perfect the Art of Adventure Travel!

What is the Art of Adventure Travel?

Each place in the world has its own rhythms, flavor, and magic. Clearly, some places have more magic than others. And a few places seem to have gotten the lion’s share, especially in terms of the landscapes and the people who inhabit them. The trips on this site are journeys in some of these most magical of places, from treks in Patagonia and the Himalaya, to tiger safaris in India, and cultural tours throughout Bhutan, Nepal and India.

In the last 33 years we’ve worked to understand the rhythms and secrets of these corners of the world and we enjoy helping you do the same. We like to share the parts of the world, people and experiences that have pushed us to believe in the Art of Adventure Travel. We’ve been refining this type of travel since 1982, and would love to share the journey with you this year.

We specialize in custom journeys, handcrafted with your dreams in mind. Check out our Custom Shop and be in touch - we're more than happy to put together an itinerary proposal just for you!

A 2015 Special Departure:

High Solu: Trekking, Yoga & Festivals in the foothills of the Himalaya

Sunset and its beautiful reflection

YOGA VERMONT has partnered with Above the Clouds to offer a trip: High Solu: Trekking, Yoga & Festivals in the foothills of the Himalaya (October 20 - November 2, 2015). The trip is two weeks door-to-door and will be filled with days on the trail, amazing mountain views, lots of time exploring remote villages, attending a masked dance festival in a remote monastery and of course, daily yoga led by beloved teacher and yogini extraordinaire Kathy McNames. This adventure promises to be a once in a lifetime journey!

Interested? Check out the trip page, request the full itinerary, read Kathy's blog or feel free to be in touch with any questions that we can be helpful with!