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Heli-Trekking the Himalayas

Mountains seem to have a special place for some people, almost as if they are the place where we have a chance to touch the sky and actually be Above the Clouds. Not all of us are climbers or mountaineers and we aren't going to all be able to take an extended period of time off to get to the summit of Mt. Everest - but now that no longer means you wont get a chance to experience what it looks like up close and personal with some of the tallest, most magical, mountains in the world. These new offerings are meant to allow you to trek into some of most remote parts of the globe, and exit in an amazing fashion allowing you to feel as though you've touched the top of the world. 

Custom Options

Heli-Trekking involves two distinctly different options.  The first is a literal application of the term, a trek that ends with a chopper ride back to Kathmandu to avoid retracing your steps and keep your total trip time as short as possible.  This style of travel provides you with the best of both worlds: plenty of time to savor the mountain views and village encounters as you trek to your high point, and an exciting birds-eye view of your route and the peaks to cap off your adventure. 

The second option, either for non-trekkers or those short on time, is a helicopter flightseeing adventure through some of the most stunning mountain scenery on the planet.  Both of these are possible due to the recent arrival of new and powerful helicopters in Nepal that are capable of sweeping you over 18,000’ passes and in close to some of the world’s biggest peaks, including the ever-impressive Mt. Everest.

Looking down on Thyangboche Monastery from Above The Clouds