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Our Story

We trace our roots back to 1972, when I first arrived in Nepal on the evening of the December full moon.  Watching the moon rise directly out of the Himalaya, which happens only in the heart of winter, I felt the magic of Nepal ensnaring me in its warm embrace.  Once I began to meet the Nepali people, among the world’s happiest, I knew I wouldn’t be going home anytime soon, and the “me” going home would never be the same again.

I returned to the US in 1982 with my Nepali wife, Muna, and founded Above the Clouds two weeks later.  Initially we offered treks only in the Nepal and Bhutan Himalaya, establishing ourselves as the premier Himalayan trekking company by the late 1980s.  We began offering adventure travel in Patagonia in the late 1980s.  As we had done in the Himalaya, we developed a reputation for operating quality treks in areas that most other companies hadn’t even heard of.  We didn’t do this just to avoid other trekkers, but rather to introduce our groups to villagers who weren’t so accustomed to seeing trekkers that we’d be forced into a tourist-to-native relationship.  By getting well off the beaten path we enable our guests to have person-to-person experiences that open a window into the world of our hosts.

In the over three decades of our history we’ve also been the operator of choice for a wide range of educational and cultural institutions, photographic tour companies, other adventure travel companies, and a multitude of private and family groups.  

Our daughter Lisa joined ATC in 2008.  She grew up with one foot in Nepal, and has traveled and trekked widely throughout her life, even living and working for a while in Patagonia.  We're delighted to see her following in her father's footsteps.

~ Steve Conlon

Steve Conlon (right) and friend in front of the Matterhorn