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Prayer flags in the wind
Wishing in the Wind on the Pass, Bhutan - Steve Conlon

Experience the Kingdom of Gross National Happiness by joining us on one of our adventure travel trips.

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Prayer flags in the wind
The moon over Dhaulagiri from the Chopper - Steve Conlon

Our Nepal treks aim to get you some of the best mountain views Nepal has to offer, and take you inside the homes and hearts of the Nepali people.

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Prayer flags in the wind
Agra Fort, India - Lisa Conlon

Choose from a wide variety of adventure travel offerings in India, from cultural and culinary tours to tiger and wildlife safaris.

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Prayer flags in the wind
Iceberg on Lago Viedma, Argentine Patagonia - Steve Conlon

Adventure travel is to Patagonia what cultural tours are to Paris.

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For the Love of Travel and the Dream of Adventure

Rather than offering trips to every country by every means of transport known to man, we have chosen to operate in a few select destinations, places that we know intimately by virtue of having lived or traveled there extensively.  We know a few parts of the world, and we know them well. 

Our phones aren’t answered by voice mail, but by knowledgeable people who love the places they’re talking about.  Our website isn’t ghostwritten by someone who’s never been there, nor is it full of images bought from a stock agency.  We do it all in-house. 

To us, it’s not PR and marketing, it’s still travel, and travel is our passion.

Lisa, at the end of the road in Ladakh