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         What more can be said about the land of Gross National Happiness that hasn’t already been said?  We attended the coronation ceremonies of the new king in November 2008, and watched the peaceful transition to democracy overseen by a constitutional monarch educated at New England prep schools.  His father, the previous king, loved and adored by virtually all of his people, decided in his early fifties to retire and hand the royal duties over to his son.  How many kings in all of human history just decided they’d done enough and it was time for the next in line?  Such is the exceptionalness of Bhutan. 

         The Bhutanese go to great lengths to not just talk environmentalism and compassion, but to practice it in their daily lives.  It may not be heaven on earth, but it’s as close as any place we know.  Just ask anyone who’s been there.  Then be sure you’ve got at least an hour for their response.  And don’t delay your visit to Bhutan much longer, as the pace of change is increasing by the year.

  • Kid Play in Laya
  • Prayer wheels of Thimpu
  • Father and son
  • Young monks of Paro
  • Prayer flags
  • Young monk on a bike

It may not be heaven on earth, but it’s as close as any place we know.



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