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The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang

Tightly sealed off to the outside world until 1992, the tiny kingdom of Mustang preserved a culture and way of life little changed over the centuries.  Its king still resides in his palace in the walled capital of Lo Manthang.  Several monasteries here predate the oldest  monastery in Tibet.  The well-preserved Tibetan Buddhist culture here has prompted some visitors to opine that there is more Tibet in Mustang than in today’s Tibet.  On top of all this, the trekking here is fabulous, and only moderate in its difficulty.  The grand finale of our trek is a helicopter exit from Lo Manthang, avoiding the walk back to Jomsom against a stiff, sand-filled wind and the potential for flight delays out of Jomsom due to that same wind. 

  • Festival Dance Rehearsal
  • Annapurna
  • Mustang trail
  • Women of Gara
  • Quomona River
  • Modern and medieval collide
  • Mustang Village
  • Mustang Rinpoche
  • Tragmar donkey caravan
  • Tragmar Campsite
  • Red cliffs of Tragmar
  • Best dressed donkeys
  • Takam Pass
  • Rooftop campsite, Tsarang
  • Tragmar, Mustang
  • Prayer flag and wind on the pass

Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang Trek: Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1: Depart the USA / Day 2: En route / Day 3: Arrive Kathmandu / Day 4: Fly Pokhara / Day 5: Fly Jomsom & begin trek / Day 6: Acclimatization day / Day 7 - 14: On Trek / Day 15: Helicopter from Lo Manthang to Kathmandu / Day 16: City tour of the capital & farwell dinner / Day 17: Depart Nepal / Day 18: Arrive Home


  • Traditional Tibetan culture
  • Medieval walled capital of Lo Manthang
  • Helicopter through the world's deepest gorge

Land Cost

  • From $4,750