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In Conjunction with Yoga Vermont We Present this Special Departure

High Solu: Trekking, Yoga & Festivals in the foothills of the Himalaya

Trekking and yoga have always been deeply intertwined and are often thought of as two sides of the same coin. Both of these practices combine physical movement guided by your own breath, in the hopes of easing the fluctuations of your mind and providing a new way to experience the world around you.

This unique trek is designed to provide you with an insider's look at the high mountains and remote villages of the Solu region of the Himalayan country of Nepal. Though less high or well known than the neighboring Khumbu to the north (which is home to the famed Mt. Everest), this area is likewise inhabited by the irrepressibly friendly Sherpa people (the interaction with whom is always an unforgettable highlight of the trip) and views of the tallest mountains on earth. 

The timing of the trip has been done specifically to align with the Mani Rimdu Festival at Chiwong Gompa near the end of the trek. This traditional festival is celebrated by the local monks and villagers, as a communal holiday to celebrate the history of their Buddhist legends and to keep their traditions and belief system alive and vibrant. Taking place only once a year, this festival is a unique glimpse into the lives and celebrations of this beautiful culture and its people, being included in it is a rare and special way to experience the Himalayan culture.

Tangerine vendor along the trail, a lovely afternoon surprise!
Sunset in the Himalayas as seen from camp on trek
Waking up to the Himalayas being lit by the sun!
Sunrise on the Himalayas
Hungry little friend met on the trail
A yak herders hut, the sole building seen all day on the trail
Trail Yoga
Trail Yoga
A Mani Rock, hand carved prayers along the trail
Absorbing the view on trek
Kathy, Greeting Boudhanath Stupa & the Sun
Brand New Blessed Baby Goats
Brand New Blessed Baby Goats
Itinerary at a Glance

October 20: Arrive Kathmandu | 21: Full day sight seeing and exploring. | 22: Fly to trail head & begin trek | 23 - 29: On trek | 30: Finish the trek and fly back to Kathmandu | 31: City sightseeing | November 01: Depart Kathmandu | 02: Arrive home.

Yoga Vermont Owner: Kathy McNames
Kathy, practicing yoga in the rice paddies of Nepal
Kathy, practicing yoga in the rice paddies of Nepal

While this trek will be fully staffed with locals from the villages you’ll be visiting along the trail and a top class guide - it will also be led by Kathy McNames. As the owner of YOGA VERMONT and yoga instructor extraordinaire, her leadership qualities and capacity to access experiences on a personal level are going to add the qualities of yoga that we all appreciate so deeply.

Sunrise Yoga, greeting the day and Boudhanath Stupa

Bookend your days on the trail through rarely visited Himalayan villages with sunrise and sunset yoga on this spectacular trek!


  • Few if any other trekkers
  • Great Himalayan Views
  • Friendly villages with kids of all ages
  • Front row seats to a rarely visited Masked Dance Festival

Special Departure Only:

  • October 20 - November 2, 2015

Land Cost

  • $4,950 per person