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Patagonia has established itself as one of the premier adventure travel destinations in the world.  Perhaps no other place in the world represents pure wildness better than Patagonia.  You can feel it in the ferocious wind, the needle granite spires topped by pancake-like lenticular clouds, vast skies and pampas stretching to infinity, huge glaciers calving into turquoise lakes large enough to be seen from space, or in the eyes of a gaucho on a remote corner of a 100,000-acre estancia.  Not to mention wild horses, Andean condors, elusive pumas, and their favorite prey, the guanaco.  The Patagonian Ice Cap, from which dozens of glaciers branch out like little fingers, is almost 500 miles end-to-end, the third largest chunk of ice on the planet.  Our favorite quote from a newly-minted Patagoniaphile reads, “It’s hard to explain why, but I left my heart in Patagonia.”  We couldn’t say it any better.

  • Moutains of the Ice Cap
  • Patagonian bridge
  • Patagonian clouds
  • Ushuaia on the Beagle Channel
  • Ice Cap ridges
  • Patagonian ice

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