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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Getting to know our very favorite Yogini: Kathy McNames

ATC and Yoga Vermont have partnered to offer a very special trip this fall: Trekking the Ridges of East Nepal. This 2-week trip is bookended by some time in Kathmandu but most of it will be spent trekking through remote villages in the foothills in the shadow of Himalaya (view of 4 of the tallest 5 peaks on earth while on trek)! This trek is a perfect fit for those of all ages and a wide variety of fitness levels and families are welcome. If you are dreaming of a simpler life, one in tune with nature's rhythms, these two weeks will give you a true glimpse into another world. Kathy will be offering and teaching yoga daily.

Lisa & Kathy

Lisa's been practicing yoga for over a decade, most of which has been at Kathy's studio, Yoga Vermont. Kathy's patience, compassion and skill has inspired Lisa to continue on her path with both yoga and trekking.

What was your inspiration to get into your line of work?

I was in Social Work before I began teaching Yoga full time. It was a slow, clogged system of service. People often did not want services and the services they did want were usually a long wait. It wasn't as satisfying as it had seemed like it would be. I went into it just at the beginning of the gutting of moneys for Social Welfare here in America. So, I came up with a lifestyle, or job, that was based on promoting health to people who wanted to be healthy, promoting physical and mental efficiency to people who wanted to be more self reliant and promoting a connection with the daily activities and obstacles that make our lives unique.

What does travel - and this type of travel - mean to you?

Trekking to an area of the Earth where people are living satisfied, normal lives with out roads, cars and most of our "luxuries" is a beautiful experience. I have many yogic theories about my aptitude, my attitude, my self, but stepping out of our pace of life into another pace of life gives me the opportunity to deal with myself all over again. It gives me the opportunity to reset my priorities, my senses, my responses to things.

Yogini Kathy
The perfection of balance

What do you love about your work?

I love the people. When I was a kid I loved animals beyond all else. Sometime in my late teens humans rose to the top of my list of love

What is your mantra in life?

It changes often, appreciation comes in many words.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your life?

My great-grandmother taught me to live with appreciation, not to rush, to really enjoy everything that can be enjoyed. She wasn't ever frazzled or put off by life. My parents - they have boundless energy and adventure. Scott - he has equanimity beyond anything I could imagine. I constantly look to him for a better take on things. He really has the ability to step back and view life with out getting hung up by it's traps.Our son, Sabian. He is funny, on purpose. He is always making me laugh.

What are you most excited about in this trip?

Everything. The clarity of air and mind with out the buzz of my usual life. Trying to deal with myself in a new situation. Learning new emotions, new words, learning to be present in a new place. I will want to stay. I always want to stay when I travel out of cities. I am looking forward to watching my family and friends' new experiences.


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Kathy showing some winter love to her horse!

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