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Heli-Trekking the Himalayas

Mountains seem to have a special place for some people, almost as if they are the place where we have a chance to touch the sky and actually be Above the Clouds.

Not all of us are climbers or mountaineers and we aren't going to all be able to take an extended period of time off to get to the summit of Mt. Everest - but now that no longer means you wont get a chance to experience what it looks like up close and personal with some of the tallest, most magical, mountains on earth.

These new offerings are meant to allow you to trek into some of most remote parts of the globe, and exit in an amazing fashion allowing you to feel as though you've touched the top of the world.

We here at Above the Clouds believe that the best journeys should fit you perfectly.

Ama Dablam from the Chopper, Nepal - Steve Conlon

Above the Clouds Heli-Trekking Sample Adventures

We have been fortunate enough putting together quite a few heli-trekking itineraries throughout the Nepali Himalaya, and so far everyone has loved it. The options range widely, from exploring the tallest peaks on earth to the deepest gorge on the planet. These types of trips offer the best of all of the options, your own two feet will power you through the mighty Himalaya until a helicopter picks you up and takes you on a thrilling ride through the mountains!

Heli-Trekking trips are unique, spectacular and get you farther off the beaten path while requiring less time away from home!

  • Heli-Trekking the Everest Region

    • Walk through the roots of the tallest mountains on earth and finish up eye level with the peaks on the roof of the world.

  • Heli-Trekking Manaslu

    • Explore this remote and beautiful valley - the steepest in the Nepal - full of amazing views and plenty of options for trip length!

  • Heli-Trekking the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang

    • The only part of Nepal on the northern side of the Himalaya and in the rain shadow, this last bastion of living Tibetan Buddhism was once very isolated and can now be explored on foot and by air!

Interested in your own Custom Heli-Trekking Itinerary? Get in touch! We're more than happy to put together a proposal for you!