Few places on earth offer what Mustang does - a true chance to glimpse into a world that operates on a completely different plane than the west. Experience this rapidly disappearing way of life, get lost in the unbelievable landscape and connect with the power of community that lives here. This is a once is a lifetime journey that this once forbidden Kingdom is waiting to share with you. 

The Dalai Lama has called Mustang the “last bastion of living Tibetan Buddhism” and so soon as you arrive, it's easy to understand why. This unique mix of south Asian culture is further intensified by one of the most unbelievable landscapes on earth. The desert landscaped is outlined by the Himalayas,  cut through by Kali Gandakhi (the deepest gorge in the world) and peppered with some of the oldest and most beautiful Buddhist monasteries on the planet.  



    Best Months to Visit:

Late Spring: April, *May,
Summer: June, July, *August,
Early Fall: *September, October


Experience a local festival
Visit some of the oldest standing Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries
See the masterfully restored artwork
Follow the deepest gorge in the world (Kali Gandakhi)
Explore remote, beautiful & unique villages

    Difficulty Range:

(Due to the high level of customizability and flexibility of the itinerary, the difficulty can be minimized or maximized based on your interests and needs.)

    Possible Add-Ons:

Summit a near by (rarely climbed) peak
Do the trek on horseback!
Attend a sacred masked dance festival

Mustang sits on the northern side of the Himalayas, in the rain shadow.
While the region is politically a part of Nepal, geographically and culturally the region is far more similar to that of the Tibetan Plateau.  
Due to it's location, it is a high altitude desert and has a different seasonality, flora/fauna and aesthetic than most of the rest of Nepal. 
Sample Itinerary

If you are called to explore a beautifully unique landscape, experience some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries on earth and do it with one of the royal family members as your insider guide, this is the trek your dreams are made of.  

This option is only a sample. It can be customized to include a festival, revised to follow a harder or easier trail or include an ascent of a nearby peak. It can also be done following local tradition - as this area is a well known culture of horses, this can be done on horseback as well!