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Why Travel With ATC?

There are a litany of adventure travel companies available now. When we started in 1982, there were far less of us in the industry; furthermore, access to information about many of our destinations was limited at best. We’ve lived through the once necessary scratchy landline phone calls, through telex and fax machines, onto email and now to the ubiquitous text message. Ability to learn about the places we go and accommodations offered there has never been more accessible. So with so many operators and so much information available - what can Above the Clouds offer you?

Off the Beaten Path Journeys

The places that we offer travel truly are - off the beaten path - so much so that you wont find information about most of them on the web. One of the best examples is east Nepal. We did this trek for the first time in the late 80’s and received a lot of attention for it in the 1990’s when it was listed in the book 1,000 Places to See Before you Die (it’s still in there by the way), yet it is still almost impossible to find another company that offers it and there certainly isn’t another that knows this rarely seen corner of Nepal the way that we do.

More to the point, we stopped offering the ubiquitous Annapurna Sanctuary trek in 1984 when it became clear that we were not able to offer our clients a true and deep connection to Nepal in that environment of overcrowding any longer. We don't offer the Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan for the same reason. Every season there are problems each night of trek along the route due to overcrowding. We here at ATC feel that we would be doing our clients a disservice to send them across the world to be surrounded by only other travelers. When we say our itineraries are unique opportunities to get off-the-beaten path, we mean it.

Personal Interactions

We don’t want to just fill your itinerary with historic sites, good hotels, standard trekking routes - you don't need an adventure travel operator to do that anymore. We want to introduce you to the people that make the corners of the world that we operate in so special - and the secrets they each know about their own home towns.

Our partners, guides, staff and the many locals that we can now call friends, have so much life and love to offer to the places they call home. These are the people that make all the difference! Eating in a private home, learning how to make homemade specialties or even going to a festival with a new friend - these are the experiences that make a trip so special and they are the touches that we add to every single itinerary we create.

Strong Support Network

We know a few parts of the world - and we know them very well. We operate in the edges of the map, where mother nature has a way of throwing curve balls and there is little that we can do but accept what comes. When heavy snows make it impossible to trek through an especially steep valley, we know how to reorganize your itinerary to offer you a similar remote trek without forcing you to change your dates, flights or leaving you reeling without a trek at all. We are in your corner. If you want to have an adventure in a rarely visited part of the world, you need someone who knows the terrain to back you up, and that's exactly what we do.

Value Added

Both in planning and executing your trip, you are dealing with a person who cares. You know us, we know you and we are happy to be working together. Many of the offices and personnel that we are working with are built on relationships that are as old as our company. Travel like this is a big investment, in terms of time and money - we want to be sure that the experience you’re looking for is exactly what you’ll be getting out of your investment, and we’re here every step along they way to make sure of it. Our office has been kept small intentionally, each of our clients gets personal attention and has access to our staff 24/7.

Lisa of ATC on trek with Jackie - who has traveled & trekked with ATC seven times since her first trip with the company in 1987!

Want to learn more about what we are up to here at ATC? Well check out our blog! It's updated as often as we can and will keep you informed and up to date on all kinds of Above the Clouds adventures!

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