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Unlike many of it’s neighbors, Bhutan broke trail on its own path to modernity. This, Land of the Thunder Dragon, successfully skipped over the dial-up and land-line generations and now has 3G cell and data service (a new introduction - only in the cities so far though) and has grown leaps and bounds in their local infrastructure and technological capacities. However, unlike with so many other once-culturally-rich areas of the world, the Bhutanese have managed to hold on to their architecture, beliefs, society and culture. This small Himalayan Kingdom, unlike so many other corners of the world, have not lost themselves in the rush to become western - they instead have decided to become modern Bhutanese.

Bhutan boasts the unique opportunity to travel back in time as you head out of the major cities and into the foothills of the Himalaya. You can trek to the base of the world’s tallest unclimbed peak, visit villages that are still days walk off a road, explore dzongs (fortified monasteries) built in the 17th century, meet monks, watch the masked dance festivals or see what it looks like when the black neck cranes settle into their nesting grounds. Bhutan has so much to offer to fulfill the desires of wanderlust and the passions of the discerning traveler.

Sun on the famed Tigers Nest
Thankha Painting at Wangdiphodrang.
Prayer flags in the wind.
Yaks of Gasa, decorated beautifully!
Checking out the Passers By in Laya
Masang Gang
Our Bhutan Itinerary Samples

Our sample itineraries in Bhutan show the wide of a variety of ways there are to explore the Dragon Kingdom. No need to force yourself, or your schedule, into any particular dates. There are festivals and events held year round in a wide variety of locations, they all provide wonderful opportunities to explore Bhutan.

There are samples as short as a few nights (generally used in combination with another destination, but not necessarily) and some that extend as far out as a few weeks. There are hardcore treks (some of the hardest in the Himalaya) as well as opportunities to explore the country doing short day walks - these options can be made to fit all levels of activity. Whatever fits your interests, timing and needs!

Check out this example of a Custom Bhutan Itinerary (& the clients that loved it!)

Melissa & Gregg wanted a special journey that would fit into their busy schedules that would leave them feeling like they had a true travel experience while still returning home feeling rested, relaxed and ready. Check out their itinerary - travel photos and what they had to say about their custom journey!

It may not be heaven on earth, but it’s as close as any place we know.

Check Out Our Sample Bhutan Itineraries:

  • The Masked Dance Festivals of Bhutan

    • This itinerary can be done throughout the year, using different valleys and festivals as the main focal point. These festivals are often gathering points for not only foreigners but locals as well - the people viewing can often be just as fascinating as watching the dances themselves!

  • Gangkar Punsum: The World's Tallest Unclimbed Peak

    • Our answer to the Chomolhari Trek! Why go all the way to Bhutan to do a trek that is over-crowded by any standards? This trek offers great views, few (if any) other trekkers on the trail, a chance to step foot on the base camp of the worlds tallest unclimbed peak and a wonderful chance to get into the heart of Bhutan.

  • Trekking Laya & Lunana

    • Ass-Kicking Strenuous. This is one of the hardest treks in the Himalaya and offers amazing off-the-beaten path access to rarely seen valleys and corners of this kingdom.

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