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No other country on earth presents the traveler with as many stark contrasts as India: teeming cities alive with color and lush green fields, extreme wealth and poverty, nature both pure and polluted. It is a country of sensory overload, and no traveler goes home unaffected or untouched by the magic of India. Indeed, to call India a country is something of a misstatement, as it contains within its borders innumerable religions, languages, cultures, and geographical contrasts.

While it is virtually impossible for anyone to fully understand the entirety of India, our goal in sharing India with our travelers is to help you focus on specific cultural and geographical areas that is of interest to you. This makes it possible to open up to the possibility of coming to understand one small aspect or corner of this fascinating country, and more importantly, connecting with it. Our Indian adventure travel offerings range from challenging Himalayan treks in Ladakh and Sikkim, to tiger safaris in the national parks, to explorations of the backwaters of Kerala and cultural and culinary tours throughout the magnificent country.

The Taj Mahal at sunrise
Flower market in Delhi
Looking out from the arches
Festivals of Kerala!
Village life in Rajasthan
Sunrise on the East Face of Kangchenjunga
Our India Sample Itineraries

India is an impossible place to define. Full of contradictions and ever evolving, the subcontinent defies all the stereotypes. Our sample itineraries have been created to demonstrate that the diversity of India doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but that it can be inviting. This wonderful country is home to countless traditions and incredibly rich culture, so much of which is largely overlooked by many travelers.

These samples are our attempt to share with you some of our favorite places to go, means of travel and to introduce you to many of the, now friends, that we’ve met along the way while exploring the magic of India.

It is a country of sensory overload, and no traveler goes home unaffected by India.

2015 Special Departures:

  • Ohdeardrea Dreams Of India

    • Dreamed up in the colorful world of Ohdeardrea and curated by the adventure travel experts. A colorful two week journey through Rajasthan focusing on meeting artisans, learning the secrets of spices, exploring market life and celebrating Holi - the festivals of colors - where it was born.

Check Out Our Sample India Itineraries:

  • Impressions of Kerala: A Dream Trip to India's Best Kept Secret

    • This small state has a long history that is largely unknown! The origin of the spice trade and the home to some of the best educational opportunities in the country - not only is this hidden corner of the subcontinent unique - but absolutely beautiful.

  • Tiger Tiger

    • India has always been known for its majestic tigers. With the preserves growing and offering hope to the cats and their future, there is no time like now to visit, support and see first hand these wonderful creatures.

  • Classic Rajasthan

    • Hope to the most well-known sites in all of India there are still ways to offer travel to this corner of the country that is unique, off-the-beaten path and full of special surprises!

  • Sikkim: Kangchenjunga Base Camp

    • This trek is rarely done due to the level of remoteness and rarity of head guides who know the area. In this case, that is not a problem - led by Everest Sumitteer and Darjeeling native, Jamling Tenzing Norgay - this trek offers superb views and access to a rarely traveled corner of the Himalayas.

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Blog Posts about India

A Passenger's Guide to Getting Around in India:

A Passenger's Guide to Getting Around in India:

One of the best parts of Above the Clouds are the people we get to meet, sometimes that means our parters on the ground and other times it means our clients. Hailey is a great example of the latter. She signed up for our March trip to India this year - with excitement and lots of awesome personality. It was her first trip to Asia and she proved herself to be adventurous, incredibly open minded, welcoming and hilarious. Her perspectives on the experiences we all shared were unique, well expressed and filled with both wisdom and humor. More...

Holi, Holy, Whole.

Holi, Holy, Whole.

This spring we had an amazing group of women journey through Rajasthan in India. Together we explored textiles, spices, music, food and the wild colors of Holi. The trip was amazing, full of serendipity filled surprises and while we were all on this adventure together - we certainly all had our own journey. This is one of our lady's (Erica) stories from one of all our favorite days we had together, celebrating Holi. More...

Trekking with Jamling Tenzing Norgay

Trekking with Jamling Tenzing Norgay

With over 40 years of trekking in the Himalaya under his belt, Steve Conlon has a lot to compare treks and trek leaders to; however, he says few can compare to trekking with Jamling Tenzing in his own backyard in Sikkim. More...