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Sikkim: Kangchenjunga Base Camp

Sikkim, an independent kingdom until 1975, is one of the most sequestered corners in all the Himalaya. Its northern reaches weren’t open to visitors until just a few years ago. This easy-to-moderate trek takes us on untraveled trails to the very foot of Kangchenjunga, at 28,169’ the world’s third tallest peak. At base camp, we’re surrounded by a semi-circle of snow-capped giants, including Sikkim’s stunning sacred peak, Siniolchu. You'll finish the trip in Darjeeling with a visit to Tenzing’s private museum and a cup of the world famous local tea.

Jamling Tenzing & Steve Conlon back dropped by Kangchenjunga
Sunrise on the East Face of Kangchenjunga
East Face of Siniolchu (from Yabuk)
View of Siniolchu and Simvo from the trail
Sunrise on the East Face of Siniolchu
Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1: Depart | Day 2: Arrive Delhi | Day 3: Delhi-Bagdogra-Gagtok | Day 4: Gangtok | Day 5: Gangtok-Lachen | Day 6: Lachen-Talem | Day 7: Talem-Jakthang | Day 8: Jakthan-Yabuk | Day 9:Yabuk Rest Day | Day 10: Yabuk - Marco Camp | Day 11: Rest Day | Day 12 - 14: Return to Lachen | Day 15: Lachen - Darjeeling | Day 16: Darjeeling | Day 17: Depart


  • Recently opened, untrekked trails
  • Spectacular close up views of the Himalayan Mountains
  • Tenzing Norgay private museum visit

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