Travel is an investment and a commitment, which is why it's vital that any trip is a reflection of you and the experience you're looking for. There are a endless ways to experience the world and what matters is that when it's your trip, it's done your way. Here are some of our favorite styles of trips for you to check out - and don't forget - the can all be mixed, matched and customized for your journey. 


Traveling through the mountains on foot offers amazing views, access and an experience unlike any other.  Above the Clouds was founded love for trekking and the belief that it's not just exercise but a means of connecting to yourself and the world you're traveling through.  There are all different kinds of treks that range in length, difficulty, style (camping vs lodges) and experience. Choosing the right one for you is about knowing what you want and finding someone that knows the lay of the land well enough to make it happen. 

Cultural Trips

Each of the destinations we offer travel to is rich in natural beauty and perhaps even more, amazing culture. Getting off-the-beaten-path and into rural villages, meeting people, experiencing another way of life, trying new foods and following local folklore and history are all accessible to you in these types of adventures

Family Adventures

Few things make a trip as enjoyable as sharing it with your entire family. We've specialized in family trips for decades and have found it to be one of the most rewarding and fun type of adventures to plan! We've worked with families as small as 3 or 4 and as large as 25!  Finding activities, locations and experiences that fit up to 3 generations can be a challenge, but it also opens up a lot of possibilities (like renting out a private property) as well! 

Travel to Celebrate Special Moments

We have been privileged to be a part of the planning of many special moments in the lives of our travelers. From engagement proposals in the Himalayas to birthday surprises on glaciers and anniversary celebrations in the backwaters of India - we've loved it all! Having a helping hand in the planning and execution of these celebrations means you're not left alone to handle the details or unexpected surprises along the way. We're here to help you celebrate and make sure that you enjoy the experience and memories in the making.  

Wilderness & Wildlife

From fishing in the raging rivers of Patagonia to riding an elephant through the jungles of Nepal to birding in Bhutan and seeing a tiger in the wild of India's National Parks - these places are diverse, beautiful and full of amazing creatures.  Exploring the wilderness and the secrets it holds offers a unique style of travel and insight into these locations and those that live on the edge of society in symbiosis with nature. 

Culinary Travel

One of the easiest ways to connect is through food. In our modern times exposure to a vast diversity of culinary traditions is easily accessible but the roots of these flavors run deep and often trace back to far corners of the planet. From the wine of Argentina to the dumplings (momos) of Nepal and the curries of India - these flavors are global but the traditions are best understood in the local towns and homes where they were born.  Traveling by way of food allows you to enjoy local flavors where they were invented and bring home recipes, memories and techniques that will live on, in your own way and in your own kitchen.