Choosing a company to take your dream trip and turn it into a reality can be challenging, but it's also the most important step of your journey. One of the best ways to ensure that your trip turns into everything that it can be, is to choose an operator that has a travel philosophy that matches your own.

Here is what we believe about exploring this wonderful world.


What all of our clients have in common is that they are the Dreamers of our day. They believe, just like we do, that there are parts of the world that touch your soul, that have the capacity to change you. And we believe that it’s our job to share some of the magic that has kept us connected to these parts of the world with each and every traveler that we have the joy of working with.

We believe we are akin to Dream Merchants. People take their dreams very seriously and it is our job to take them just as seriously. We love to listen to what people dream of, what they believe achieving that dream will do, and we believe in it just as strongly. We find a way to help them experience what they didn’t know was possible. 


We believe, that as the world becomes ever more populated, urbanized, and homogenized, places of refuge become rarer and more cherished than ever before. Most of these refuges are places not yet or not easily penetrated by roads—mountains, jungles, and deserts, the same places that have drawn sages, adventurers, and explorers since time immemorial.

In such places, at least until recently, the indigenous cultures have managed to preserve their traditions relatively intact, without major impact from the outside world. These are the places we’ve been introducing our travelers to for over three decades, and the areas that we believe are worthy of sharing.


People frequently ask why we don’t offer travel to other destinations - places like the mountains of Peru or the glaciers of Norway. We tell them that while we so enjoy those areas and have had the pleasure of exploring them ourselves, there are already other companies that know those areas and offer quality travel to them. In fact, we’re more than happy to recommend them if you’d like!

We aren’t interested in putting ourselves in a destination to provide what is already being offered. It doesn’t fulfill our needs and it doesn’t do our clients any good. Instead we have chosen to operate in locations that we know intimately and offer both access and type of travel that can’t be found elsewhere. 

We know these corners of the world and we know how to share access to them in a way that no one else can. We believe in staying small, focusing on our clients and providing each of them the best adventures possible. 


In working with all of our clients, our goal is to create a handcrafted itinerary that can be used as a structured outline for a journey, while leaving room for serendipity to work its magic

More often than not, the pieces of your journey that stick with you long after your trip are the unpredictable moments that captured your heart along the way. Meeting a new friend, having a dog follow along on trail, watching shooting stars over the Himalayas or finding your new favorite something at a bazaar - these are often the pieces of your adventure that you never expected to bring home with you, but they stay with you the longest. 

We believe in using our extensive knowledge of these area to put you in the right place at the right time, and with a little bit of good luck and some serendipity, you can experience the far horizons of the world in a powerful and unique way that is truly yours alone.