Our goal is to create handcrafted itineraries that fit the needs (and dreams) of each and everyone of our travelers. Each journey is tailor made with care, intention and thoughtful attention to detail. 

Reach out with your travel interests.

Step 1: Get In Touch With Us

Share your itinerary requests, desires to see something specific and any particular date/time window that you need to travel within.

We'll send some sample itineraries to share potential highlights and get you dreaming.

Step 2: Sample Itineraries

Once we know what is of interest - we'll tap into our 30+ years of experience to share our insight on how and where you can find the best of the best of what you're looking for.

Once we know more about your interests, we'll create a custom itinerary just for you!

Step 3: Custom Itinerary

Once you have our samples and we understand what matters to you most - we put together one (or more) custom options that fit your family/group size, dates, desires, locations and needs. It's a collaborative process. Your input is welcome and together we take your dreams of adventure and turn them into an itinerary and then a trip of a lifetime.

Once the itinerary is settled, we work to prepare you for your journey!

Step 4: Sign Up for Your Trip

As soon as your itinerary is settled and you become a client, you will be provided with a robust and fully customized pre-departure package. We'll be with you every step of the was you prepare for your adventure and shortly before your travel begin, you'll receive your final depature package with details for your journey!

While you are on your journey, we'll be here supporting you and your trip!

Step 5: The Art of Adventure

We are still here for you stateside, while you are traveling. If your family needs to get in touch with you while you're not in range - they can communicate with our office here and, as we're in regular touch with each and every group in the field, we're happy to convey it. If while you're traveling something comes up and your return is forced to change, we are happy to support and assist.  And if, on the rare occasion, that something happens while you're traveling and you need help - you can always reach out for support because we're here for you.

How We Help You Prepare For Your Adventure

Every ATC client is provided with a robust and fully customized pre-departure booklet. You'll be provided with a digital and hard copy, both of which include:

  • details about each of the locations included in your itinerary
  • customized packing lists just for your trip
  • notes about required travel documents (sent to you in line with the timing requirements for your trip)
  • suggested reading/media lists
  • additional access points to tap into local knowledge before your departure
  • lots of tips, tricks and lessons that we've learned along the way in the last 30 years in these areas  

In addition to your customized pre-departure booklet, as questions come up, reach out - you're a supported, we're here and always happy to help! 

Just before you depart for your journey you'll receive your final departure package and details from us to ensure smooth and easy travel. All of the documents will once again be provided to you in electronic and hard copies to ensure easy access to these details throughout your journey: 

  • Day-By-Day Itinerary (with details regarding timing, flights along with the who and when of our folks on the ground meeting you)
  • Communication Notes (contact numbers in each of the locations you're going in case something comes up, along with an emergency contact number for our office here in the US, answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Guide/Staff Information