When Above the Clouds began, there weren't that many ways to access these remote destinations. As the years have passed, the world has grown smaller and there has been a proliferation of options of operators to choose to for your journey to these places. 

So choose carefully. Ask questions. Find out if the person you're talking to has been to where they're sending you. Ask if they know the people who will be taking care of you. Request details - because the details matter more than anything else. Talk to their past clients and get references

When you're choosing who will curate your adventure, get to know them.  And if we're lucky enough for you to consider traveling with us, here's a bit of our history. 

We've been creating hand-crafted adventures for discerning travelers in some of the biggest mountains and most beautiful corners of the planet since 1982.

Our Mission

We create unique adventures in a few parts of the world that we know intimately (Nepal, India, Bhutan & Patagonia) for the people who are looking to truly experience these places. We love to share the mountains, the people that call them home and the culture shaped by both, with the folks looking to get off-the-beaten path and experience what "tourists" don't.