Nestled on the borders of the country and contained by the Himalayas to the north with the plains to the south, this is a rarely traveled section of the country. The most agriculturally rich area of Nepal, the hills are alive with terraces and villages that bring the vibrancy of the nation to life. 

The trails are vestiges of another time where foot paths between villages were the only mode of transportation and being connected to your neighbors was a vital part of life. Traveling on foot through rhododendron forests, exploring haat bazaars (weekly markets) and camping out on ridges with views of 4 of 5 tallest mountains on earth are just some of the experiences available here.



    Best Months to Visit:

Spring: *March, April, May
 Fall: October, *November


Experience a local weekly (haat) bazaar
Get off the beaten path into traditional Nepali Villages
See 4 of the 5 tallest peaks on earth!
Explore remote, beautiful & unique villages    

Difficulty Range & Duration:

Mild to Moderate to Strenuous
10 — 33+ Days
Shorter treks can be mild with half days on the trail omitting high elevations and less challenging trail conditions.
Mid-range treks are moderate as they include a handful of longer days, greater range of elevations and infrequently traveled trails.
Treks with more than 12 days on the tail are considered strenuous due to trail conditions, impact on the body, altitude, potential weather and elevation. 

    Possible Add-Ons:

Extend the trek into the neighboring valleys
Summit a nearby a peak!
Experience a local festival

The trails are infrequently traveled and we've had clients spend up to a month without running into a single other group! Few parts of the Himalaya have so much to offer with out demanding serious alpine mountaineering skills - and no other offers the cultural access and pristine connection to one of the most rapidly disappearing cultures on the planet.
Sample Itinerary

If you’re looking to get off-the-beaten-path and explore local culture, take some time to connect with this adventure mecca. This area has a multitude of treks from mild to strenuous that can be as short as a week or as long as a month and is one of the best kept secrets of Nepal

This option is only a sample. It can be customized to include a festival, revised to follow a harder or easier trail, include an ascent of a nearby peak or made longer or shorter