Mendoza is a corner of Argentina that we've fallen in love with! While it is nestled far north from Patagonia, it makes a wonderful addition to any itinerary and can shift the feel of a trip to an experience. It is gorgeous and has been referred to over and over again as the new bordeaux. 

There are few places on earth better than Argentina for experiencing nature and to feel how wild it must have once been everywhere. From the gauchos and glaciers of Patagonia to the wine vineyards of Mendoza, this wonderful country has proven to us what the locals always knew: Argentina is home of some of the most beautiful places of the planet.


Best Months to Visit:

Late Spring: April, *May,
Summer: June, July, *August,
Early Fall: *September, October


Experience a local festival
Visit some of the oldest standing Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries
See the masterfully restored artwork
Follow the deepest gorge in the world (Kali Gandakhi)
Explore remote, beautiful & unique villages

    Difficulty Range:

(Due to the high level of customizability and flexibility of the itinerary, the difficulty can be minimized or maximized based on your interests and needs.)

    Possible Add-Ons:

Summit a near by (rarely climbed) peak
Do the trek on horseback!
Attend a sacred masked dance festival

We offer Mendoza as an add-on to any of our Patagonia itineraries. Our travelers have arrived there before heading south to prepare themselves but most often, they stop there on their way home to rest, recover, try the Argentine wine and relax before heading home.