The Patagonian Ice Cap, from which dozens of glaciers branch out like little fingers, is almost 500 miles end-to-end, the third largest chunk of ice on the planet. Our favorite quote from a newly-minted Patagoniaphile reads, “It’s hard to explain why, but I left my heart in Patagonia.” We couldn’t say it any better.

Argentine Patagonia has grown and evolved through the last 30 years, as airports have been introduced and dirt roads become paved and easily passable, the entire region has opened up in terms of accessibility. This means what once would require 3 weeks can now be done in 2 or less even! Furthermore, the accommodations throughout the area have evolved as well, and the options for great day hikes in the mountains topped off with a great glass of a wine and nice meal is one that is hard to pass up! 


Best Months to Visit:

Late November - Early April


See some of the area's most dramatic peaks
Explore an endless list of optional day hikes
Walk on some of the world's largest glaciers

    Difficulty Range:

(Due to the high level of customizability and flexibility of the itinerary, the difficulty can be minimized or maximized based on your interests and needs.)

    Possible Add-Ons:

Enjoy some time in Argentina's wine country - Mendoza
Feeling adventurous? Add a short crossing or trek to your trip!
Explore on horseback!

Patagonia boasts some of the world's southern most land, largest glaciers and best rock climbing on the planet! Rich with beauty, it is no surprise that so many adventurers feel called to explore one of the wildest places on earth!
Sample Itinerary

For those with limited time, this trip offers visitors a chance to see some of Patagonia’s most special corners in a limited amount of time. Day hikes out of the adventure town of El Chalten will take you to the classic viewpoints for FitzRoy and Cerro Torre, the very icons of Patagonia.

Your time will also include a boat ride across a corner of Lago Viedma to the glacier of the same name and even offer the chance to walk on this massive piece of ice. Much less visited than the overrun Perito Moreno Glacier, this river of ice holds treasures we’ll discover on foot both atop and beneath the glacier. The sub-glacial walk reveals a color of blue you’ll not likely see anywhere else.