If your image of India is hilltop forts defended by ferocious, turbaned warriors, lavish palaces, and camel safaris in the desert, you’re almost certainly thinking of India’s historical heartland, Rajasthan. From the world renowned architecture to the legacies that live on here and the sheer number of sites to be seen, Rajasthan is a must-visit!  While the area is such a hot spot, there are many rarely visited corners of this beautiful region that offer the chance to get of-the-beaten-path, away from the crowds and experience the magic that finds its home here. 


Best Months to Visit:

October - April


Watch sunrise on the Taj Mahal
Explore the beautiful desert and a wildlife camp!
Experience traditional music & cuisine

    Difficulty Range:

An itinerary in this area can be done in as few as 7 days and while it does not necessarily need to include any strenuous activity, one should be comfortable standing for a couple hours on end and walking on uneven ground and up/down steep stone steps.

    Possible Add-Ons:

Explore another corner of India (like the back waters of Kerala)
Time your trip to include a local festival
Ride a camel in the Thar Desert

Sample Itinerary

This two-week itinerary has been handcrafted to maximize the time abroad by reaching below the surface and into the heart of India.

Through hands-on lessons in local pottery, block-printing and tie-dyeing textiles, this itinerary not only introduces you to the traditions and art of India - but invites you to bring them home with you as well. Meanwhile, almost every day invites you to experience yoga (in the place it was born) and to take part in following many of your meals - from market to plate!