South India is a treasure trove of natural beauty, rich culinary culture and endless options for adventure. From the lush green hills of Kerala connected by the backwaters to the colonial forts, beautiful architecture and rich history of Tamil Nadu — South India is a unique slice of the subcontinent that is not to be missed! 

India has been a destination fascinating the discerning traveler for years, but the northern far more well known sights have received the lions share of notoriety and visitors.  From a history deeply rooted in the local roots to the remnants of the European Colonial powers and the unique trajectory into the modern era that South India has chosen, a visit here is full of surprises.  


    Best Months to Visit:

Late Fall: November
Winter: January, February

Early Spring: March


Explore old forts and beautiful Colonial cities
See the masterfully created art and architecture
Enjoy the spice plantations and rich markets!

    Difficulty Range:

Non-Strenuous - Moderate
(Due to the high level of customizability and flexibility of the itinerary, the difficulty can be minimized or maximized based on your interests and needs.)

    Possible Add-Ons:

Experience a local festival (or more)
Pair with another beautiful corner of India
Float on a houseboat through the backwaters of Kerala
Attend a sacred masked dance festival

Few parts of the world are as photogenic as Southern India. By timing you journey just right, this beautiful corner of the planet offers opportunities to experience fabulous landscapes, include multiple festivals and, if you're interested, provide wonderful access to this slice of heaven - or as the locals call Kerala, "God's own country". 
Sample Itinerary

The itinerary has been designed to ensure a relaxed pace and that the journey as a whole is full of wonderful opportunities to get to know South India in a deep and personal way. With optimal locations scouted for optional sunrise and sunset experiences, along with hand picked excursions, this trip is sure to be one a once in a life time adventure. 

The beauty of India comes alive with this hands on this adventure taking you through the nation's best kept secret: Kerala! Experience the local culture and food while meeting the wonderful people that call India's greenest state their home.

This option is only a sample. It can be customized to include a festival, revised to include some day hikes, spend more time on a houseboat floating around the backwaters or shifted to be paired with more of the great subcontinent!