Material GOODS: Our Packing Essentials for Trekking in the Himalaya (or just living on the go!)

Like it or hate it, material GOODS make life easier and help us all with any situation - no matter what comes up. These are some of the essentials that keep me ready for class and work, prepared for ski practice, and all set to cross the country to head home or start an adventure across the planet. 

The Philosophy: Life is built of the dream vacations we take, graduation day’s, and of holidays - yes. But life is also built on the everyday routine - things like rushing, work, stress, driving, and cooking. I am a very strong believer in the idea that a wonderful life is made up of the big moments and the small joys of each day.  

I find it's easier for me to enjoy the moments and unexpected adventures life brings when my coffee isn’t in my lap, I'm not searching for a missing essential, when my hair is taken care of and I know where I'm off to next.

My Material GOODS: from the inside out

From The Inside...

Hydrated and organized, I'm ready for the big events and special small moments all the same. 

Hydro flask to go mug: I moved to Bend Oregon this summer, and found Hydro Flask. Everyone has one, and I gave into the peer pressure and it was so worth it. Having to carry coffee to go is always a mess, I am clumsy and I have often worn my coffee. This morning on my way to school, I dropped my Hydro flask on the ground and nothing spilled if you have trust issues with to go coffee mugs I recommend this one

The ultimate planner: To do lists and planners. Writing down dates is the only way I know where to go when, I have spent the last six years with planner after planner looking for one that works for me. Not the size of a notebook, but it need enough space to write down everything I have to do. It needs to look good, show a week to week calendar and be easy to find the right page. Life and scheduling is difficult and this makes it manageable. 

Rume's Organization Bags: I use mine for my drop kit, for my travel wallet, my make up bag, and pencil case. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a huge fan of easy. Life is busy and organizational bags make it easier and faster to find things when you are running late. 


and on the Outside ...

Having a few staples with me always makes my day (in class, at the office, on the mountains or boarding a plane) easier, comfortable and enjoyable.

The scarf: Will warm your heart. Literally. A good scarf makes all the difference. A scarf can add something to style but can always turn into a blanket. Weather is something that can’t be controlled but having a scarf on a cold day is an easy fix. Weather should never dictate your life; choose gear that's created to work around weather.

The All-In-OneSkida makes the ultimate combination, a neck warmer that can be a folded into a head band, used as a bandana and of course - is warm!  Trekking in Nepal, I turned to mine every day! Here at home, it's my running companion, my camping mate, my skiing necessity and when I can’t manage a lot of gear, this is one easy thing to bring along for the ride.

The Hair: Feeling comfortable in a new place means having confidence, even when nothing about your surroundings are familiar, which can be a challenge.  For me, not having to worry about my hair, makes all the difference.  In a new city, during a school day, at the gym or on trek in the Himalayas, I rely on my headbands, hat and cute hair ties to avoid unnecessary bad hair days and vibes. (Here's a picture of me in total hair bliss in Nepal.)

The Earrings: I wouldn't consider myself fancy or formal but looking presentable is a must. For me, earrings are the perfect way to do this. A truly great pair of earrings are minimalistic, feminine, neutral, but just different enough to express a little bit of personal style. Find your perfect pair and stick to them. They will make all the difference both everyday and when you find yourself across the world.

All in all: I am a little reluctant to admit it but I am nostalgic for a time when material goods where actually good, today we live in a world of both cheep items and overpriced over-marketed goods. Finding the balance is almost impossible, but when I find the perfect to go mug for your commute, the ideal planner that keeps things from getting lost in the mix or a few all accessories to keep me comfortable everywhere - everything becomes a bit easier. It's easier to be organized, easier to feel good, and easier to experience life everyday and the many adventures to come.