Sikkim, an independent kingdom until 1975, is one of the most sequestered corners in all the Himalaya. Its northern reaches weren’t open to visitors until just a few years ago and as a result is one of the least frequently visited sections of the Himalaya and is also, the cleanest state of the entire region as well.  

Time spent here begins in Darjeeling. Once a British Hill Station, Darjeeling has long been a well known site for adventurers as the gateway to this corner of the Himalaya. Once adjusted and prepared for journey, much of the rest of Sikkim is accessible by foot paths and will lead you into the remote foothills, offering unique angles and spectacular views of the biggest peaks on earth.  



This easy-to-moderate trek takes us on untraveled trails to the very foot of Kangchenjunga, at 28,169’ the world’s third tallest peak. At base camp, we’re surrounded by a semi-circle of snow-capped giants, including Sikkim’s stunning sacred peak, Siniolchu. You'll finish the trip in Darjeeling with a visit to Tenzing’s private museum and a cup of the world famous local tea.


Best Months To Visit:

Spring: Late March, April
Fall: Late October, Novemner


Explore the recently opened, un-trekked trails
Spectacular close up views of the Himalayan Mountains
Visit the private Tenzing Norgay museum 

Difficulty Range & Duration Options:

Not difficult and very difficult 

Possible Add-Ons: 

The remote and unique features of Sikkim make it a great pairing for another beautiful corner of India

  • Recently opened, untrekked trails
  • Spectacular close up views of the Himalayan Mountains
  • Tenzing Norgay private museum visit
Sample Itinerary